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Maintaining Health Partners


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a cooperative for health

Maintaining Health Partners (MHP) is a Southwark-based, not-for-profit cooperative of specialist therapists and community engagement workers. We aim to improve the quality of life of people experiencing mental health difficulties and the wider community, and do so by providing an exciting combination of free holistic therapies, and engaging community-based projects and activities through CopTog, our community network.


We provide therapies in hospital and in the community. We also enable people who use our services to create opportunities for all, including people experiencing mental health difficulties, to take part in activities with others in the community. We do this with a view to reducing stigma surrounding mental health and to enhance well-being and an inclusive community.


Our aim is to encourage people to connect with others in their community, to become more self-aware and autonomous, and to gain greater control of their mental and physical health, and their futures.

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